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PhD Graduate Program Guide

PhD Checklist (for student use only)

_______________ Student enters Ph.D. program (receives initial advising from Graduate Advisor)
_______________ Student chooses a Supervising Professor
_______________ Student selects Supervisory Committee (at least four members of the graduate faculty).

Chair: ________________
Committee members:

______________, ______________

______________, ______________
_______________ Diagnostic Evaluation
_______________ Student finishes coursework (including any suggested classes as a result of the diagnostic evaluation)
_______________ Student files request for comprehensive examination (at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date)
_______________ Supervisory Committee conducts Comprehensive Examination and reports results to the Graduate School. (expect to take at least 2 weeks)
_______________ Student files "Application for Candidacy and Final Program of Work" with Graduate School (at least one semester prior to planned graduation)
_______________ Student presents “Research Proposal” to the PhD Committee (must submit the research proposal document to the department)
_______________ Student files "Application for Graduation" and pays diploma fee (must be done before 30 days after the beginning of the semester in which graduation is desired)
_______________ Student files request for Dissertation Defense (at least 3 weeks prior to exam date).
_______________ Submit a copy of the dissertation (at least one month before the defense)
_______________ Supervisory committee conducts oral dissertation defense by the candidate and reports results to the Graduate School
_______________ Student submits signed dissertation to the Graduate School

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