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PhD Graduate Program Guide

Doctoral Program

Degree Requirements

PhD TimeLine

Phd Timeline

  • A PhD student is required to decide on a Supervising Professor by the start of their second long semester in the PhD program. This must be conveyed to the Graduate Advisor in writing accompanied by the Supervisor's approval.
  • The student must form his/her PhD committee at least one month prior to the Diagnostic Evaluation. A form showing the consent of the members to serve on the student's PhD committee must be submitted to the Graduate Advisor.
  • The Diagnostic Evaluation itself must be completed no later than three long semesters after the student's start in the PhD program. (Form will be prepared by the Grad Secretary)
  • The Comprehensive Exam must be scheduled no later than one year for full-time students and two years for part-time, after the Diagnostic Evaluation. (Form will be prepared by the Grad Secretary along with filing an application for Candidacy and the Final program of work)
  • The candidate must present his/her Research proposal to the PhD Committee no later than two years after the Comprehensive exam. (Form will be prepared by the Grad Secretary)
  • The candidate is expected to submit a copy of the PhD dissertation document along with the slides to the PhD committee, at least one month prior to the actual defense. Also, copies of papers and associated reviews must be submitted to the committee at this time.
  • The Final dissertation defense must be scheduled no earlier than 6 months after the Research Proposal. (Graduation and related forms will be prepared by the Grad Secretary)

The specifics of the Diagnostic Evaluation, Comprehensive Exam the Research Proposal and the Dissertation document and defense follow.

Supervising Professor and Committee

The student must find a Supervising Professor and form an advisory committee, called the Supervising Committee. It is the responsibility of the student to find a faculty member willing to provide a research topic or to supervise a topic of the student's choosing.

The Supervisory Committee consists of the Supervising professor (serving as the chair of the committee), and at least three others. The Supervising professor must be a member of the graduate faculty. Of the remaining members, three must be members of the graduate faculty or associate members of the graduate faculty. A majority of the committee (including the supervising professor) must be from the CSE faculty.

The Supervisory Committee is responsible for administering the diagnostic evaluation and the comprehensive exam, over-seeing the dissertation research, and conducting the dissertation defense.

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