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Policies and Guidelines for UTA Honors Students in CSE

The CSE department encourages eligible undergraduate students to enroll in the UTA Honors College. This document is designed to help CSE faculty and students better understand their role in the pursuit of an honors degree within the CSE department by offering guidelines for honors work in CSE courses and policies for satisfying the honors thesis requirement. More information is available on the Honors College web site at

Policies for Honors Theses in CSE:

UTA honors students are required to complete a Senior Research Thesis. The thesis requirement is designed to give the student a significant research project experience. This process begins with the student identifying a CSE faculty member willing to advise the thesis. After the thesis topic and scope are agreed upon, the student submits the Honors College Thesis Proposal Form for approval by the Honors College. Upon approval, the student completes the thesis typically during their senior year. Final approval of the thesis is obtained upon the satisfaction of the faculty advisor and Honors College via the Honors College Thesis Approval Form.

In addition to the thesis requirement, honors students are also required to obtain course credit related to their honors thesis work. This credit is normally obtained by taking the Honors Project I and II courses (CSE 4356 and 4357). Students enrolling in the Honors Project courses are required to attend the lectures of the parallel offering of the Senior Design Project I and II courses. Honors students may also satisfy the course credit requirement for their honors thesis work by taking the Senior Design Project I and II courses, but must make a significantly greater contribution to the team project and document this contribution in their honors thesis.

Guidelines for Honors Work in CSE Courses:

As part of the honors coursework requirements, CSE honors students may take existing CSE courses for honors credit upon submission and approval of the Honors College Course Approval for Honors Credit Form, which specifies the extra work that the instructor and student have agreed the student will perform to earn honors credit. This work is the prerogative of the instructor, should be consonant with the course goals, and should advance the scholarly interest of the student. Below are some suggestions for such extra work.

  • Review of one or more research papers
  • Implementation of an advanced algorithm or idea
  • Preparation of a term paper
  • Preparation of an annotated bibliography
  • Search for available term papers on the Internet
  • Written review of a book, film or other media
  • Compilation and critical evaluation of Internet sources on a topic
  • Comparison of texts
  • Review of supplemental materials provided with texts
  • Preparation of course materials for continuing education and citations of resources for the layperson
  • Preparation of a photographic essay, Web page or portfolio
  • Preparation and presentation of a course lecture