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Covid-19 Update

General Information

  • CSE Front Office: 817-272-3785, 640 ERB
  • CSE Offices remain open and minimally staffed 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.
    • Monday: Sherri Gotcher, 638 ERB; Hong Jiang 639 ERB
    • Tuesday: Pansy Pang, 633 ERB; Linda Barasch, 643 ERB
    • Wednesday: Pam McBride, 636 ERB; Bob Weems, 627 ERB
    • Thursday: Nova Coates, 635 ERB; Ramez Elmasri , 634/654 ERB
    • Friday: Melissa Rose, 644 ERB; Katy Pedone, 645 ERB; Chengkai Li, 628 ERB
    • Faculty and staff physically available day-to-day may occasionally vary.

Undergraduate Students

  • All advising will be conducted online until further notice. Please send your questions to and include your student ID number.
  • CSE Undergrad Student Contacts: Melissa Rose: (817-272-7229 on Fridays); Katy A Pedone: (817-272-9767 on Fridays)
  • Can I be advised for the Summer/Fall/Spring semester through email?
    • Yes, you can email with the classes you are planning to take in the next year, and we can approve them and remove your holds.
  • How can I drop a class or file for grade forgiveness?
  • Why can’t I enroll in my classes?!
    • Make sure your advising holds have been removed.
    • Make sure you have the pre-requisites to that class in MyMav. If you are finishing the class at a community college, you won’t be able to enroll until you have completed the class at a community college and turned in your transcript. If Dr. Barasch gave you credit for a class that didn’t transfer into UTA directly, you’ll have to be forced into classes by an advisor.
    • In the Fall 2020 semester, CSE 2320 will become CSE 3318. MyMav will no longer recognize CSE 2320 as the pre-requisite for these classes: CSE 3302, CSE 3311, CSE 3313, CSE 3330, CSE 4303, CSE 4308, CSE 4309, CSE 4310, CSE 4345, and CSE 4360. An advisor will have to enroll you in these classes, and you will not be able to waitlist for any of these classes.
    • If you are trying to enroll in 4000 level classes, remember that you need to be admitted to the professional program before you can do that. You need to complete all of the pre-professional courses, as in have a final grade in MyMav for these courses, before an advisor can admit you. You will only be able to enroll after you have been admitted.

Graduate Students

  • All advising will be conducted online until further notice. Please email your questions to and include your student ID number.
  • CSE Graduate Student Contacts: Sha’Londa Towns, Erika Harvey, Ginger Dickens;
  • How can I hold my thesis or dissertation defense?
    • A: Please arrange for a remote defense with your committee. You may host it through Microsoft Teams.
  • How can I get my form signed?
    • A: Complete the student section of the form and attach it to an email to
  • Will I be able to enroll in classes even if I cannot see an advisor in person?
    • A: Yes, enrollment is done online via MyMav. If you are unable to enroll in your desired courses when registration starts, email for assistance. Be sure you include your name, student ID number, as well as the course and section number in which you want to be enrolled.