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CSE Board of Advisors

Statement of Purpose:
The primary purpose of the Board of Advisors (BoA) is to promote engagement with both local and national companies/organizations, such that the CSE department stays current with the needs and expectations of the computing industry, local communities, and governments. This cooperation will ensure the delivery of a high quality and relevant curriculum, such that upon graduation students are able to find employment and immediately be able to add value to their respective organizations.

Second, but of equal importance, the BoA meetings will be a forum whereupon the CSE department’s administration, faculty, and staff may engage with representatives of industry, communities, and governments in partnership on projects, issues and/or concerns, such that the interests of the department and the partners are advanced.

Third, the industry/organization members, along with the support of the CSE department administration, faculty, and staff, will work together in identifying opportunities to enrich the student experience by planning and holding events where students are able to engage with both industry/organization representatives and the CSE administration, faculty, and staff. It is recognized that by being a member of the CSE BoA, the respective company/organization and their representative are giving their own time and effort. This is a valuable commodity and is much appreciated by the CSE Department. As a result, these members will be afforded opportunities to get to know the students outside of the normal “career day” activities, thereby giving them a first look at who they may be interested in approaching for intern positions and employment.

Fourth, the industry/organization members will offer advice and insight to the administration and faculty for the purpose of ensuring that the CSE department is doing everything possible to continually meet the requirements of certification organizations such as ABET and SACS.

Lastly, the BoA members, when needed, will advise, make recommendations, and guide the UTA CSE department on how it may seek out the funds needed to reconcile the shortfall of funds allocated to the CSE department. These additional funds enable the department to continue to offer scholarships (including non-resident tuition waiver scholarships), as well as cover operational needs, design project sponsorships, and other necessities. The CSE Department realizes the sensitive nature of this last item, and understands not all members may be able to directly contribute dollars, but are able to contribute their knowledge, time, and effort in support of CSE meeting its commitments to the primary stakeholders (the students, the college, the university and the companies/organizations that hire them).