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Find CSE Alumni

Master's Degree, 2020

Rong A
Master's Degree, 2022

Rauhaan Aamir
Bachelor's Degree, 2019

Mistere Abate
Bachelor's Degree, 2017

Komeel Abbas
Bachelor's Degree, 2023

Mansoor Abbas Ali
Master's Degree, 2019

Christopher Abbato
Bachelor's Degree, 2011

Abdullatif Abdalla
Bachelor's Degree, 1986

Mahmoud Abdalla
Bachelor's Degree, 1996

Jareer Abdel Qader
Ph.D., 2010
Supervisor: Roger Walker
Dissertation: High Performance Real-time Embedded Systems: Design and Implementation of Road Surface Analyzer System

Aziz Abdelkarim
Bachelor's Degree, 2003

Mohammad Abdellatif
Bachelor's Degree, 2022

Amnah Abdelrahman
Master's Degree, 2021

Mubeen Abdul
Master's Degree, 2020

Norlida Abdul-Rahman
Bachelor's Degree, 1990

Saed Abdulhadi
Bachelor's Degree, 2023

Norlela Abdulhamid
Bachelor's Degree, 1990

Aiman Abdullah
Master's Degree, 2021

Christopher Abel
Master's Degree, 2001

Richard Abel
Master's Degree, 1978