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Research Centers and Labs

Heracleia Human Centered Computing LaboratoryResearch Centers and National Sites

Research Labs

Biomedical Computing and intelligent Systems Lab (BioMeCIS)

Biocomputing and Vision Lab

Location: ERB205

Leading Faculty: Dr. Jean Gao

Mission: The mission of the lab is to focus on developing efficient algorithms to solve computational problems in basic medicine and clinics, while making theoretical and fundamental contributions to statistical pattern recognition, machine learning, and computer vision.

Computational Science Lab (CSL)

Computational Science Lab

Location: ERB 204

Leading Faculty: Dr. Chris Ding, Dr. Heng Huang, Dr. Fillia Makedon

Mission: The Computational Science Lab (CSL) do fundamental research in machine learning and numerical methods and develop novel algorithms for bioinformatics, data mining, computer vision, biomedical image analysis, parallel computing, and data privacy. CSL lab also train graduate and undergraduate students in these areas.

Database Exploration Laboratory (DBXLAB)

Database Exploration Laboratory

Location: ERB 514

Leading Faculty: Dr. Gautam Das

Mission: At the Database Exploration Lab (DBXLAB), we seek to investigate fundamental research issues arising in the exploration and mining of structured repositories and relational databases. Our research encompasses diverse areas such as information retrieval, data uncertainty and probabilistic methods, approximate query processing, data summarization, data mining and management problems in P2P and sensor networks, social networks, blogs and web communities.. We hope to develop innovative techniques that will significantly extend the current data exploration capabilities of databases systems.

Heracleia Human Centered Computing Laboratory

Heracleia Human Centered Computing Laboratory

Location: ERB 313

Leading Faculty: Dr. Fillia Makedon (Director), Dr. Zhengyi (Jennifer) Le (Assistant Director), Dr. Heng Huang (Assistant Director)

Affiliated Researchers: Li Shen, Gutemberg Guerra-Filho, Yuhang Wang, Vangelis Karkaletsis, Dimitrios Kosmopoulos, Leonidas Fegaras, Dimitrios Konstantinides, Kyungseo Park

Mission: To carry out state of the art research in Pervasive, Ubiquitous Computing Related to Human Behavior, Design new tools and methods and train graduate and undergraduate students in these areas.

iSec: the Information Security Lab


Location: ERB 414

Leading Faculty: Dr. Donggang Liu, Dr. Matthew Wright

Mission: The Information Security Lab at UTA conducts research on securing computers and networks in a hostile world. With an emphasis on practical results, we seek to develop technologies to secure current and emerging applications.

The Innovative Database and Information Systems Research Lab (IDIR)


Location: ERB 514

Leading Faculty: Dr. Chengkai Li

Mission: The IDIR lab conducts research in the areas of databases, Web data management, data mining, and information retrieval, with an emphasis on making data retrieval and exploration in emerging applications more effective, efficient, and robust. Specifically, we work on ranking and top-k queries, Web search/mining/integration, database exploration, query processing and optimization, social networks and user-generated content, OLAP and data warehousing.

Software Engineering Lab

Software Engineering Lab

Location: ERB 513

Leading Faculty: Dr. David C. Kung, Dr. Christoph Csallner, Dr. Yu Lei

Mission: The Software Engineering Research Center (SERC) is a research center in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). SERC conducts cutting-edge research in various areas of software engineering, including software design, specification, analysis, verification, and testing.

WIreless Networks and Systems Lab (WINS)

Wireless Networks and Systems Lab

Location: ERB100

Leading Faculty: Dr. Yonghe Liu

Mission: The WINS lab, directed by Dr. Yonghe Liu, focuses on challenging issues in wireless networks. The group's research spans both theoretical study and practical system design and development. Our current research projects include novel architecture for sensor networks, routing and buffer management for delay tolerant networks, networking issues in opportunistic networks, and mobile social networks.

Vision-Learning-Mining Research Lab (VLM)

Vision-Learning-Mining Research Lab

Location: ERB 315

Leading Faculty: Vassilis Athitsos

Mission: The VLM lab is a research lab at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the University of Texas at Arlington. At the VLM lab we are conducting research in the areas of computer vision, machine learning, and data mining. Areas of focus include sign language recognition, detection and tracking of complex shapes, large-scale multiclass recognition, and similarity-based retrieval and classification using large databases.