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Computer Science and Engineering Industry Advisory Board

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering highly values its relationships with industry and the community and invites outside involvement in many areas.

Collaboration between corporations and the department provides mutual benefits. We provide industry with training, research partnerships, consulting and access to intellectual talent.

Through their support of the department, corporations support the advancement of educational excellence and strengthen their relationship with one of Texas’ leading providers of highly trained technology workers. Corporations gain access to our internationally recognized research faculty, as well as top students, and help set research agendas in our centers and labs.

The relationship between university research and industrial innovation is a key driver behind the current technological revolution, with many of the patents filed in the United States inspired by university research.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering invites research collaboration with industry through agreements that protect our intellectual vitality and integrity. Through collaborative relationships, companies are able to make best use of their resources, engage our internationally recognized research faculty, and make use of our 14 state-of-the-art research centers and labs.

Membership in the department's Industry Advisory Board is open to a wide range of companies, with member companies representing some of America's leading corporations as well as smaller enterprises.

Gifts may be made to the department to honor individuals and encourage and support the philanthropy of company employees. Individuals wishing to support the department should contact George Wendt, development officer for the College of Engineering. Companies interested in supporting the department should contact Mat Tonne, corporate relations officer for the College.

Possible areas for giving follow, or you may choose to establish your own fund or make a one-time donation of money or an in-kind gift.

Industry Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship Fund: This scholarship fund is supported by gifts from the department's Industry Advisory Board members. It provides much-needed financial support for top students. Each year, five students are awarded scholarships from the fund.

Endowed Professorship: Make a significant and lasting contribution by endowing, or helping to endow, a professorship. The professorship can be named for a company or individual and becomes a living memorial to the donor's support of intellectual values and educational excellence.

Distinguished Lecturer Series: This lecture series features four distinguished speakers annually. The series gives students the opportunity to meet and hear from top leaders in industry and academia who are changing the world through computers. Sponsorship is $2,000 for one lecture or $8,000 for the entire lecture series. The lecture series, or a single lecture, is named for the company that provides the sponsorship.

Senior Design Projects/Graduate Projects: Sponsor a senior design team's development of a product, and your company may suggest what the project is. Suggested contribution is $2,000. You can also suggest and sponsor research by master's and Ph.D. students. Level of contribution varies depending upon the scope of project.

Laboratory Support: Contributions can be made to equip research labs. Suggested contribution is $3,000.

High School Robotics Programming Contest: This event engages North Texas high school students in building and programming robots. Students work on the robots in their high school classrooms and come to UTA for a one-day competition. Suggested contribution level is $2,000.

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest: Sponsor student participation in this important programming contest. Suggested sponsorship is $2,000.