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Graduate Study

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UTA offers master's and Ph.D. degrees, along with outstanding internships and job opportunities in America's second-most influential technology center.

The department is recognized for its research and teaching excellence. In recent years, the department has averaged about $3 million annually in new research funding.

Graduate students can choose for their focus of study from among the leading areas of computer science and engineering, including artificial intelligence, databases, networks and wireless computing, graphics, image processing and multimedia, pervasive computing, systems and software engineering, bioinformatics and other areas. The department has 14 research centers and labs operated under the supervision of its internationally recognized research faculty.

Ph.D. students pursue research in a collegial atmosphere with faculty and other researchers. Generous financial aid is available to Ph.D. students, including research and teaching assistantships.

Master's students also conduct research and are eligible for financial aid, including assistantship positions. Master's students can choose between a thesis or non-thesis track.

We offer evening classes, so you also can earn a higher degree while working full time. With a degree from our graduate program, you'll be positioned to achieve your goals and the career you want.

If you are interested in applying, go to our Graduate Applications page. Do not email the advisors directly to apply.

Graduate Advisors

Dr. Bahram Khalili Dr. Bahram Khalili
Phone: 817-272-5407
Location: ERB 629
Advising Hours: T, Th 11:00am-12:30pm

Ramez Elmasri Dr. Ramez Elmasri
Phone: 817-272-2348
Location: ERB 654
Advising Hours: M, W 3:30-5pm

Dr. Leonidas Fegaras Dr. Leonidas Fegaras
Location: ERB 653
Advising Hours: T, Th 4-5:30pm

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